Tomb of Annihilation Diary


After defeating the pirates at Jahaka Anchorage, the party and their new companions set sail into the bay. Questioning the pirate they had captured during the battle, they learned of the Flaming Fist outpost, Fort Bellurian and Liara Portyr, the fort's leader. The Flaming Fists are hitting folks on either side. They take a cut of the pirates plunder, in exchange for shipping manifests and logs. Then they sell charters to anyone who would adventure in Chult, demanding a percentage of their finds as well.

Sherpa pointed out that they had the primary task of finding the Soul Monger and ending the Death Curse. The fort could wait. It was decided that the party would take the cutter towards the Aldani Basin and Artus Cimber and Dragonbait would hide the ship in one of the many coves along the coast line. Once at the Aldani Basin, Lord Brixton, the three freed explorers and the pirate would get the 900 units of rations a well as the parties loot to Camp Vengence, where Lord Brixton would take his rightful place as base commander. The rest of the party would meet up with Cimber and Dragonbait in the Basin.

Once the cutter made it to the Aldani basin, the Brixton party went north to Camp Vengence and the Party took the cutter southward through the basin towards a giant earthmote that looked like a human heart -- The Heart of Ubtao. .

They dropped anchor in a small lake in the center of the Basin and made their way stealthly to the treeline before heading towards the Heart via the shortest route through Zombie territory. They meet up with a magical mist that inflicted Valerine with a maddness; she began throwing off any items of great beauty as if they made her feel sick.

After a brush with a few mantraps, the party made it to the heart. Once there, the party was invited up by a Elven Wizard and Scholar named Valindra Shadowmantle She claims that she is trying to find the Soul Monger to study it away from any chance of further harm. She knows the location of Omu and suggests a partnership.